Mantras For The Fulfillment Of Desires

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Mantras For The Fulfillment Of Desires
Mantras For The Fulfillment Of Desires

Video: Mantras For The Fulfillment Of Desires

Video: Mantras For The Fulfillment Of Desires
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Some mantras help protect health, others bring good luck, and still others make wishes come true. The main thing is to step over laziness and distrust and start meditating.

Mantras for the fulfillment of desires
Mantras for the fulfillment of desires

Ancient magic practice

Mantras are sacred texts that appeared over 5 thousand years ago in India. They are interpreted as a spell, magic, or a tool of a psychic act. The word "mantra" comes from two words in Sanskrit: mind, which means consciousness, thought, and - trai, that is, "to save."

Mantra has been compared to prayer. Hindus consider it to be such a form of speech that affects emotions, mind and the whole world around a person. It consists of several Sanskrit words or individual sounds. And even every single syllable of the mantra has an innermost religious meaning.

Mantras are capable of attracting material goods

In an incomprehensible way, they are able to fulfill desires, protect, help in difficult times. Ancient practices claimed that each mantra causes certain vibrations in the human body.

If you say a mantra once, vibrations begin, the actions of which are invisible at first. Over time, they intensify, and if you continue meditating, significant changes in consciousness will occur. A person becomes more calm, relaxed, harmonious and achieves what he wants.

Choose a mantra for the fulfillment of desires

There are universal mantras for achieving success, health, wealth and family happiness. They are all effective. But it is better to practice one meditation for maximum effect.

Om Mani Padme Hum is the most practiced universal mantra for calming and cleansing, curing diseases and achieving success in all endeavors. Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha is a mantra for good luck in business, prosperity and purity of intentions. Om Mahadevaya Namah protects from enemies and removes obstacles to cherished dreams.

The most powerful special mantra aimed at fulfilling desires is the Tara mantra. It sounds like this: Aum Hrim Stream Hum Phat.

How to use the mantra

Various recommendations are known: to meditate on the waning or waxing moon, in company or alone, at dawn or at sunset. It is not necessary to follow strict prescriptions and rules, but favorable conditions - the light of the sun, moon, or flowing open water - enhance the effect of the mantra.

It is better to create an appropriate environment: lighted candles, incense, dim light. A few deep preliminary breaths in a comfortable posture will set you up for meditation.

Then the person closes his eyes, mentally sends a request or intention to the World, and then begins to perform the mantra, chanting it in a chant or listening to music and singing along.

Everything that happens may seem strange at first. You just need to focus on the correct pronunciation of words and sounds.

Persistence and tenacity

The main thing that prevents you from achieving your dreams is laziness and mistrust. If you abandon classes after a few days, then your wishes will hardly come true. Meditation requires persistence and faith. When you want to stop, it's time to show will and perseverance.

Consciousness is rebuilt, tuning to a new vibration begins, and all the forces of the Universe are already nearby. It remains to accept them and receive the fulfillment of all the most cherished desires.