Trademark As A Means Of Individualization

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Trademark As A Means Of Individualization
Trademark As A Means Of Individualization

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Video: Trademark As A Means Of Individualization
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When launching a product on the market, an enterprise must make sure that the product becomes recognizable. To do this, manufacturers use trademarks that act as advertising signs.

Trademark as a means of individualization
Trademark as a means of individualization


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A trademark is a figurative, verbal, volumetric or other conventional designation of a product. A trademark indicates that a product belongs to a particular company. Trademarks are registered with the Patent Office. Only then can the company use them. There are four types of trademark designation.

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The first is the word mark or trade name. Letters, a group of words or a word should be well remembered, this is the main requirement when developing a brand name. The second type is a pictorial trademark. This is a company logo or an original drawing. The third type is a three-dimensional trademark, the image of which is given in three dimensions. The last, fourth type is a combined trademark, which is a combination of three other types.

Step 3

A trademark must be registered in the name of an individual entrepreneur or legal entity. This makes it possible to ensure the legal protection of a trademark. Upon registration, a trademark is entered into the State Register of Trademarks. In this case, a certificate is issued. The right to use the trademark belongs to the copyright holder. It is the person in whose name the trademark has been registered.

Step 4

An individual entrepreneur and a legal entity may have several trademarks. They should definitely be used. If this does not happen, at the request of the interested person, the cancellation of the trademark registration is possible. Registration of a trademark is a very important point. It is she who allows you to legally secure the right to a specific brand or logo. You should approach this moment especially responsibly if you have invested a lot of effort and money in the development of a trademark.

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If you neglect the design, a situation may arise where another company registers a trademark that closely resembles or is identical to your company's logo. To prevent this from happening, you should deal with the registration of the trademark as early as possible.

Step 6

The registration process includes several stages. First, your trademark is compared with the existing ones. This will save you time and money. The verification period is from 1 day to 1 month. It should be borne in mind that only Rospatent can determine exactly whether your trademark is unique or similar to existing ones. It is recommended to submit an application for registration of a trademark at the same time as submitting a request. This will prevent piracy. After that, the procedure for registering a trademark is carried out.