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What Is Hardcore
What Is Hardcore

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Video: What Is Hardcore
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The modern Russian spoken language is strong for borrowing: every day people use words in speech, the meaning of which is clear, but it is not always easy to convey this meaning in words. One of the "trap words" is the word "hardcore". What does it mean?

What is hardcore
What is hardcore

Semantics of the word "hardcore"

To understand the meaning of this word, you need to know where it came from in the Russian language. The word "hardcore", which is so often used in the speech of adolescents and participants in informal subcultures, actually comes from the English "hardcore", which appeared in the English language relatively recently.

It consists of two foundations: "hard" - tough, strong, strong, powerful and "core" - the body, core, core, deep essence, the essence of something.

Thus, literal translation will not give positive results. You will most likely need to provide specific examples.

For example, in a political context, the expression "hardcore socialist" will mean that this or that person is a socialist to the core.

Members of political parties can be called "hardcore party members", which will mean "the core of the party", that is, its most active participants, participants, without whom it is difficult to imagine the functioning of the party.

It should be noted that in Russian, unlike English, this word is used only as a noun. When they want to use a semantic adjective, they say "hardcore".

For example, in one of Lana Del Rey's songs there is a line: "If you love me hardcore, then don't walk away", which translates as "If you love me" hardcore ", that is," very much " then don't go. " Here this word is used as an adverb.

Who Else Says Hardcore?

The use of this word in English is not limited: politicians and 16-year-old punk rockers can express themselves this way. In turn, some representatives of the adult and conscious population of Russia have no idea about such a word.

In the music industry, "hardcore" is understood primarily as a corresponding musical style, a distinctive feature of which is primitive vocals (most often shouts and roars) and aggressive music, very similar to punk rock.

In politics, as previously stated, this word is used to denote the "ingrained" political views or "activity" of a party member.

In engineering, the word "hardcore" means a hardware core, the loss of which makes it impossible to recover information.

In English, this word is also used as an adjective: hardcore terrorist - an inveterate terrorist, hardcore poverty - deep poverty.

In the porn industry, the word hardcore distinguishes a certain style of films, which are characterized by the maximum frankness of intercourse scenes.

Although in Russia this word is not yet "in the language" of people, in the United States and other English-speaking countries it is very common.