Why Manganese Disappeared From Pharmacies

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Why Manganese Disappeared From Pharmacies
Why Manganese Disappeared From Pharmacies

After Corvalol and Valokordin, ordinary potassium permanganate disappeared from Russian pharmacies. The thing is that potassium permanganate was included in the list of drugs of strict reporting, since it can be used to make explosives or drugs.



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For a long time, potassium permanganate was considered almost a panacea. It was used to wash the stomach, treat burns and wounds, and disinfect water. Potassium permanganate was actively used for a number of urological and gynecological diseases, as well as for angina, bedsores, hemorrhoids, herpes and diarrhea. That is why this remedy could be found in any home medicine cabinet.

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However, restocking this tool can be difficult. Potassium permanganate is now sold only in state and municipal pharmacies and in limited quantities. In some cities of Russia, potassium permanganate can generally only be bought with a prescription.

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It all started with the fact that potassium permanganate was added to a special list of drugs that are used to synthesize drugs, such drugs are called precursors, and their circulation is strictly controlled. At the same time, the Federal Drug Control Service (Federal Drug Control Service) did not announce a ban on the sale of potassium permanganate. It should be noted that even before the change in the "status" of potassium permanganate, it was not possible to buy it in large quantities, more than one bottle was rarely released into one hand.

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Currently, the Ministry of Social Health has removed potassium permanganate from the list of over-the-counter drugs, but did so with some reservations. Officially, you can buy only 3 grams of this antiseptic without a prescription, but even this can be a problem, since most pharmacies simply do not have potassium permanganate.

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The problem is that pharmacists were obliged to tighten control over the sale of this antiseptic. Pharmacies are now obliged to record the arrival and consumption of potassium permanganate in special reporting journals, and at the end of the month it is imperative to report how much potassium permanganate was sold and how much is left. This significantly complicates the life of many pharmacists, so many pharmacies simply stopped buying potassium permanganate, since in this case there is no need to "bother" with reporting.

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Unfortunately, it is not known what will be next to the list of precursors, and what to do about it. Formally, even such harmless products as milk, distilled water or activated carbon can be included in the list of prohibited devices, since all these things can be used to synthesize drugs.

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If you really need potassium permanganate, you can try to look for it in specialized stores for gardeners, since everything should be much easier there with strict reporting journals.