How To Open A Glass Jar

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How To Open A Glass Jar
How To Open A Glass Jar

Video: How To Open A Glass Jar

Video: How To Open A Glass Jar
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Every woman knows how to open glass jars without damaging them. But sometimes men also have to carry out this operation. To successfully open a jar the first time, first familiarize yourself with a number of simple tricks.

How to open a glass jar
How to open a glass jar


Step 1

If there are any stickers, shrink wrap around the edge of the lid, remove them. Be sure to wash the jar with cold water without using detergents.

Step 2

Dry both the jar and your hands thoroughly with a towel. Do not use any heat source to dry the surface of the jar so that the pressure does not build up in it and the food in it does not deteriorate.

Step 3

Grasp the jar firmly (but not too hard so as not to crush) with your left hand. At the same time, she should stand on a towel located on the table. Never open a jar while holding it by weight. Turn the lid with your right hand and the jar will open.

Step 4

If you did not manage to open the jar in this way, try to hold the lid with your "bare" hand when opening, but through a dry towel. It is not recommended to hold the lid in the same way, but the jar itself.

Step 5

Never clamp the jar using any hard objects. Even if it is not damaged during clamping, it may crack from the additional force that you apply when opening.

Step 6

Sometimes you come across very tightly to open just such, take a can opener, and with it, carefully slightly lift the lid in several places. After that, it will be easier to remove it using the techniques described above.

Step 7

After opening the jar, immediately screw the lid back on it, tighten it slightly (in the future it will be very easy to remove it), and then either put it on the table, if you plan to eat right now, or in the refrigerator (even if it was stored in an airtight form before without refrigerator). Never use a freezer for this, otherwise the jar will crack.