How Ginger Is Grown

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How Ginger Is Grown
How Ginger Is Grown

Video: How Ginger Is Grown

Video: How Ginger Is Grown
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In the temperate climate of Russia, it is advisable to grow ginger in greenhouses. It is a very thermophilic plant, accustomed to tropical conditions with high temperature and humidity.

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kak vyrastit imbir


  • - ginger root with kidneys;
  • - shallow wide container;
  • - mullein;
  • - potash fertilizers;
  • - sprayer.


Step 1

Create optimal growing conditions. Ginger is a moisture-loving plant that requires abundant watering. If the water stagnates in the container, the ginger will rot. So drain it. You can use river sand or fine gravel, pouring them in a layer 2 cm thick on the bottom of the container. Only then fill the container with soil.

Step 2

Purchase live kidney ginger root from the store. Plant in late February or early March. Put the root in water for two days beforehand. It is necessary to plant ginger in the ground in a horizontal position so that the buds are located at the top of the root. For planting, use a large container with well-moistened soil.

Step 3

The layer of earth above the root surface should be no more than 2 cm. When planting correctly, young shoots of the plant will appear after 1, 5-2 weeks. Water the ginger all this time, which quickly forms an impressive mass of greenery. Drying out of the earth will lead to its death. After the first sprouts have hatched, the ginger can be transplanted into a greenhouse under suitable conditions.

Step 4

Growing ginger on your own is easy, if you do not forget about feeding the plant. Use a mullein diluted 1:10 with water. Top dressing should be carried out until the end of summer. Beginning in August, alternate organics with fertilizers containing potassium. The addition of potassium will help the formation of tubers. During the growing season, it is necessary to constantly spray the plant. It is best to do this in the evening so that the sun's rays do not burn the leaves. A day after watering, loosen the soil to a depth of 1 cm.

Step 5

At the end of September, the ginger foliage is withering away, therefore, it is time to stop spraying and reduce the amount of watering. You can collect the roots after the foliage turns yellow and begins to fall off. At this point, stop watering. When the foliage has fallen off, dig up the roots, clean them of soil and remove the adventitious roots. In Russia, you can grow ginger as an annual plant, so next spring you will have to germinate ginger again. This time, you can use roots from your own harvest.