What Does The Icon (c) In A Circle Mean?

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What Does The Icon (c) In A Circle Mean?
What Does The Icon (c) In A Circle Mean?

Video: What Does The Icon (c) In A Circle Mean?

Video: What Does The Icon (c) In A Circle Mean?
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The circled (c) is the symbol used to denote copyright. This is one of the most popular symbols in the world. It originally appeared in the United States, but is also used in Russia. In GOST it is called "copyright protection mark".

Any work with the © symbol is copyrighted
Any work with the © symbol is copyrighted

In 1802, a legislative document was issued in the United States that required the inclusion of a copyright notice in any work of authorship. If it was a work of art, then the notice had to be written on its surface.

The copyright mark also first appeared in US law.

Until 1979, it was believed that if a work did not contain a properly formatted copyright notice, then it was not copyrighted.

One of the elements of the notice was the word Copyright. An abbreviated version of copr was also used. or symbol © - Latin "c" in a circle.

Origin of the symbol

In 1909, the © symbol appeared. In the early days, the mark was used to indicate legal authorship and asserted copyright for a published work. Later, the inclusion of the symbol in the work became optional, since the copyright was assigned automatically. However, the symbol is a useful indicator of authorship, and its use means that the author recognizes the work as a product of his or her labor.

How to issue a copyright notice

The copyright notice contains three points:

1) Latin "c" in a circle - icon ©, 2) Legal name of the copyright holder, 3) The year when the work was first published.

For example:

© Melodiya Publishing House, 2003

Do I need to write a copyright notice

Sometimes musicians, business owners, one way or another connected with publishing, the creation of works of art or other works of authorship, ask the question: should the authorship be indicated? Although it is not necessary to sign the work with your name, from a legal point of view, it makes sense to do so. Since there is no need to register authorship, once the poem is written, the picture is drawn, the website is created, the company brochure is finished, the video for Youtube is recorded, they can be marked with a copyright notice.

The fact is that in this way you claim your rights to the work. Unfortunately, plagiarism is not uncommon.

Nothing guarantees that one of the authors will not one day become a victim of misappropriation of their copyright.

It will be much easier to prove in court that you are the author if there is a notice at work. In addition, in this case, you can sue a larger sum of money for copyright infringement.