How To Leave Everything And Go To Another Country

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How To Leave Everything And Go To Another Country
How To Leave Everything And Go To Another Country

Video: How To Leave Everything And Go To Another Country

Video: How To Leave Everything And Go To Another Country
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To abandon the old life, go to another country and start all over again - for many, these words remain a dream that is not destined to come true, but the most desperate make it a reality. Leaving work and loved ones behind and going into the unknown is a difficult step, but it is real to do it.

How to leave everything and go to another country
How to leave everything and go to another country


Step 1

If the desire to drop everything and leave visited you only once, on a particularly unfortunate day after a reprimand from your boss or a quarrel with a loved one, you should not come home to look for documents and pack your suitcase. Changing your place of residence should be deliberate. Distract yourself with something pleasant to calm your anger and resentment, and the idea of moving will probably disappear. However, if days go by, and such a desire does not let go, think seriously about emigration.

Step 2

Select the country you are moving to. Of course, spinning the globe and poking at random in any place is a tempting prospect, but desire alone is not enough. Create a list of countries where you would like to live and start collecting information on how you can get a residence permit there. Find out if you can go to college, buy real estate, find a job, or start your own business.

Step 3

The choice of a future place of residence also depends on your financial capabilities. Find out how much the training costs and whether it is possible to enroll for free, how much you should buy real estate in order to obtain the opportunity to obtain a visa and live in the country, what the start-up capital should be for doing business. Moving to some countries can be very costly and only accessible to high-income people.

Step 4

When preparing for the move in advance, people sign up for courses and begin to learn the language of their future place of residence, but since the idea of moving came to you suddenly and you do not want to postpone, choose the country whose language you know best. You can polish your knowledge on the spot by signing up for courses.

Step 5

If you do not plan to return, you can sell your property before leaving. The first time in a strange city, you will extremely need money, and if you carry out an inspection among your belongings, there will certainly be a lot of things that they will want to buy. A car, a refrigerator, a multicooker, a service that you never had time to unpack, a new chandelier, books. Post a list of your property on city forums or in specialized communities on the social network, and before leaving you will be able to earn a little extra money, and at the same time get rid of unnecessary ballast.

Step 6

After you have found the option of emigration that is available to you, took out the necessary papers and put the required amount into your account, make an appointment for an interview at the embassy. If everything goes well, you will leave there with the cherished visa in your passport and will be able to go towards your dream.