How To Learn To Play The Violin

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How To Learn To Play The Violin
How To Learn To Play The Violin

Video: How To Learn To Play The Violin

Video: How To Learn To Play The Violin
Video: Learn the VIOLIN | Lesson 1/20 | How to hold the violin & bow 2023, December

Reaching a certain level in his cultural development, a person strives to learn new things. Sometimes playing the violin may turn out to be such a desire. To learn how to play this instrument, there are several important points to consider.

How to learn to play the violin
How to learn to play the violin


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Step 1

Age restrictions. It is much more difficult for an adult to learn this skill. However, even among mature students there are achievements. In an adult, the flexibility of the joints decreases in comparison with a child. And this affects the smoothness and evenness of the sound. In addition, it takes much more time to comprehend the material.

Step 2

Solfeggio study. Learning this subject will help speed up the process of playing the violin. Everything can depend on the ability to control your voice. Solfeggio can also teach the basics of musical notation and sound control. Before you start playing the instrument, you need to learn how to read musical melodies and pronounce them to yourself. Particular attention should be paid to the tempo and timbre of the melody. Therefore, before you start playing the instrument, it is best to first try to sing the melody. If you also engage in the development of harmonic hearing, then while playing you can learn to improvise.

Step 3

The choice of the teacher. The choice of a qualified tutor will also play an important role in mastering the violin. It is he who should help to hold hands correctly, as well as point out the main mistakes when playing. It is optimal to do classes twice a week. However, if there are clearly not enough lessons, then their number can be increased.

Step 4

Hand vibration. In order to learn how to perform this type of vibration, you need to free the joint. Gliding on the violin neck should be easy and effortless. This effect can be achieved only with the help of long rehearsals. The instrument must be fixed as conveniently as possible using the shoulder and chin. This will help ease the movement of your hand over the bar.

Step 5

In such a situation, you can try and start vibrating on the instrument. At the beginning, the vibration should be short. Its duration can be increased over time. It is the hand, not the joint, that should vibrate. It is also necessary to pay attention to the correctness of the sound when playing. It should be clean and even. Do not touch other strings of the instrument while playing. First, try creating vibration without using the bow. After all, the correct vibration is a whole art.

Step 6

When a melody is played, it must be remembered that you need to vibrate only on long notes. If you connect this technique everywhere, the piece may turn out to be ugly.