What Is The Biggest City In The World

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What Is The Biggest City In The World
What Is The Biggest City In The World

Video: What Is The Biggest City In The World

Video: What Is The Biggest City In The World
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There are more than two million cities in the world. Of these, only 250 can be called large. Every year, experts make a rating of cities on the planet by population, area and even length.

What is the biggest city in the world
What is the biggest city in the world

The largest city in the world by population

It is customary to calculate the urban population both with and without suburbs. Excluding the suburbs, the palm belongs to Chinese Shanghai. This city is located in the Yangtze River Delta. At the moment, it is home to more than 24 million inhabitants.

The second position is occupied by the Turkish city of Istanbul. It is noteworthy that one part of it is geographically located in the Old World, and the other in Asia. Istanbul is home to 13.8 million people.

The three leaders are closed by Indian Mumbai, which is located on the coast of the Indian Ocean. Its population is 13.7 million.

The Russian capital Moscow is on the ninth line of the ranking of the largest cities in the world with an indicator of 12 million people.

The largest city including the suburbs is Japanese Tokyo, which is home to a third of the country's total population - 13.2 million people. Further in this ranking are the capital of Mexico - Mexico City and American New York. The latter is home to 8, 3 million, and in Mexico City - 8, 8 million.

The largest city in the world by area

The leader in this rating is the British capital - London, which is considered the largest city in the British Isles and the entire European continent. The area of the City of Mists is almost 1600 square kilometers. In addition to its large size, the British capital boasts of being on the prime meridian.

The capital of Mexico - Mexico City - has an area of 1490 square kilometers and ranks second. Los Angeles is on the third line. The area of this American city is about 1300 square kilometers.

In this rating, there are no densely populated Beijing, Mumbai, Shanghai only for the reason that they are metropolitan areas.

The largest city in the world by length

In the lead as the longest city on the planet is the Mexican capital Mexico City. Its length is about 200 kilometers.

The Indian city of Mumbai, with a length of about 140 kilometers, is in second place. The third line of the rating is occupied by the Russian Sochi. Its length is 148 kilometers. This makes the capital of the 2014 Games also the longest city in Europe.

It is worth noting that the ranking of cities is very volatile. It undergoes change almost every year as modern cities grow and develop.

Interesting information

At the moment, the population of the Earth is slightly more than 7.1 billion people. The most populous continent on the planet is Asia. It is home to 4.8 billion people. Africa is inhabited by 1.1 billion, Europe - 760 million, South America - 606 million, North America - 352 million. The ranking is closed by Australia and Oceania, where only 38 million inhabitants live.