Is It Possible To Take Cockroaches Out Of The Cold

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Is It Possible To Take Cockroaches Out Of The Cold
Is It Possible To Take Cockroaches Out Of The Cold

Video: Is It Possible To Take Cockroaches Out Of The Cold

Video: Is It Possible To Take Cockroaches Out Of The Cold
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Cockroaches are very afraid of the cold. If you lower the temperature in the room where these insects live to -7 ° C, then in two or three minutes they will die.


Over the past ten cockroaches have become much less. Some associate this factor with the emergence of cellular communication, others believe that synthetic food, which is consumed in abundance by humans, is the culprit. As you know, cockroaches most often feed "from the hands" of a person.

However, cockroaches still interfere with feeling comfortable, as they periodically remind of themselves, running over tables, cabinets, window sills.

Getting rid of cockroaches

To get rid of cockroaches, you can purchase special products that are offered in specialized stores. Some invite appropriate services for the chemical treatment of premises. But there is a folk remedy that will help get rid of them without resorting to radical methods.

The usual cold is able to remove cockroaches once and for all. If in ancient times cockroaches appeared in the house, they were taken out in two days. To do this, they left the house in the winter, opening doors and windows. The cockroach is afraid of the cold and dies along with its offspring or goes to a more acceptable room for living.

A little about cockroaches and for fear of the cold

Cockroaches are most active in the evening or at night. It is at this time of day that it is best to resort to cold herb. Since they prefer to live from the same places, try to identify them so that the impact of the cold is directed.

By the way, cockroaches mark their paths and places with pheromones - especially smelling substances. If the pheromone odor is removed, cockroaches can lose their tracks. Insects prefer to invite their relatives to places suitable for habitation. If the trails with pheromones are not removed in time, you can get a whole colony of cockroaches.

After the ambient temperature drops to + 5 ° C, cockroaches go into hibernation. But when the temperature is -5 ° C, they begin to die. After about half an hour of exposure to low temperatures, the cockroaches completely die.

When the temperature drops to -7 ° C, the cockroaches die in two minutes.

It is interesting to note that cockroaches are very afraid of unstable temperatures. If the house has a stove that is heated during the day and cools down at night, then cockroaches are unlikely to settle in it. They will look for a place with a stable high temperature.

Cockroaches are more afraid of the cold than of chemicals. Moreover, exposure to cold does not cause any harm to a person, while other means have a negative effect.