How To Make An Aiguillette

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How To Make An Aiguillette
How To Make An Aiguillette

Video: How To Make An Aiguillette

Video: How To Make An Aiguillette
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Aiguillette is a braided cord with metal tips, which has adorned military uniforms for a long time. This decorative detail is essential for those involved in historical reconstruction. Weaving methods can be different, like the material. You can use thick metallic or cotton threads. A thin cord is also appropriate. It all depends on what time the military uniform belongs to and what kind of troops the character for whom you are making it belonged to.

How to make an aiguillette
How to make an aiguillette

It is necessary

  • - thick metallized threads;
  • - thin cord;
  • - metal tips;
  • - wooden plank;
  • - a nail.


Step 1

Aiguillette can be woven from a different number of strands. But in any case, it is necessary to start from the loop, since the open ends of the finished cord are both ugly and do not correspond to military uniform. Cut 4 or 5 strands from a thin metallized cord, depending on the intended weaving method. The strands should be about 1.5 times the length of the intended product. The excess can then be removed. If the thread turns out to be shorter, it is also not scary. A new one can be woven, although this is not very desirable.

Step 2

Fold the strands together, peel back about ten centimeters and make a loop. Wrap the short end 1 time around the long end and pull it into a loop. Combine the strands with long strands to weave them. You can do this immediately by tying the section from the end of the loop to the end of the short strands with one of the long strands several times. True, for this one of the threads must be made a little longer than the others.

Step 3

Place the loop on the nail driven into the wooden plank. If you are going to weave from four strands, move them apart. In this case, the threads will move towards each other as follows. Take the 2 extreme strands and draw them towards each other. Holding them with the middle fingers of both hands, index and thumbs, take the other two threads and also lead them towards each other, but between the first pair. The result is opposite loops, which should be quite tight. Draw the first two strands towards each other again between the strands of the second pair. In this way, weave to the place where the metal lugs are attached. Rearrange the strands by connecting them in pairs. This braiding method is good for a thin, but stiff enough cord.

Step 4

A different type of aiguillette can be made from softer threads. You will need five strands. Take the left strand, run it under the second, over the third, under the fourth and over the fifth. Hold so that the beginning of the braid does not unravel. Draw the next strand in the same way, which is now on the far left. Bring it under the one that was the third, over the next and to the end. In this way, braid almost to the end of the product, leaving small pieces of cord. Secure the end of weaving with a knot.

Step 5

Metal lugs can be attached to the bottom of the cord. In some branches of the military, instead of them there were tassels from the same cord. The second end is hidden under a shoulder strap or an epaulette.