How To Soften Rubber Lace

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How To Soften Rubber Lace
How To Soften Rubber Lace

Video: How To Soften Rubber Lace

Video: How To Soften Rubber Lace
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A rubber cord is a great addition to any pendant or pendant of your choice. Owners of such a lace can be one hundred percent sure that they will never lose their favorite jewelry. The lace is so tight that it will not break under any circumstances, and the small and comfortable fastener will not open on its own. Its only drawback can only be attributed to the fact that with prolonged and improper use, the rubber hardens and may take a form that is not very convenient for you. But do not get upset and run after a new product, because you can soften it yourself.

How to soften rubber lace
How to soften rubber lace


Step 1

Unbutton the lace closure and carefully remove your jewelry from it, as it does not need to be subjected to any procedures. Reattach the clasp.

Step 2

Pour some gasoline into a small bowl. In the absence of it, you can use kerosene. Place the string in a container of liquid for a while. For the result to manifest itself much faster - cover the container with a lid.

Step 3

After a while, remove the lace from the liquid, rinse it under warm water and dry it thoroughly with a dry towel. The lace is then ready to use again.

Step 4

Use heating as another method.

Take a regular or construction hair dryer. Place the lace on a flat, smooth surface and begin heating it up with a hairdryer. Just do not bring it too close to the product and constantly monitor the temperature. Heating over 85 degrees leads to a complete loss of the shape of the product and the rubber spreads. Warm up gradually by keeping the hair dryer on for about three or five minutes, turn it off, pause for a minute, and then turn it on again to warm up.

Step 5

Use a special steam generator. When applied, the elastic properties of rubber are restored by about 80-90 percent.

Step 6

Soften the rubber with boiling water. In order not to immerse the gold fastener in the water, grasp the string with tongs and hold it for a while above the water. The steam will gradually begin to heat the rubber, which will partially soften as a result.