How To Swim Underwater

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How To Swim Underwater
How To Swim Underwater

Video: How To Swim Underwater

Video: How To Swim Underwater
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To swim freely and beautifully under water, you need to learn to hold your breath, relax in the water and slide on it. And also - to maintain a positive attitude at every moment of life. After all, being a sporty and cheerful person is not only fashionable, but also good for health.

How to swim underwater
How to swim underwater

Scuba diving training conditions

It is better to learn to swim underwater not in a river or sea, but in a pool on a shallow part. Where you can stand in the water, and its level will not be higher than the chest.

Good swimming goggles or a mask are a must for training. They not only protect the eyes, but also enable the diver to see well under water, help him feel more confident while swimming.

Complete relaxation in the water

An inexperienced swimmer often makes one mistake: trying to swim beautifully, he strains, makes unnecessary and abrupt movements. Such attempts are not only ineffective, but also dangerous: you can not calculate your strength and drown.

When the body is tense, the supply of oxygen in the blood cells is quickly depleted and you often have to surface to the surface to take a new breath.

Holding your breath

To learn how to hold his breath in the water, the student takes a breath, and then calmly and gently lies down with his face and chest on the water, holding his hands over the side of the pool. He counts to himself to 10. Then he takes a new breath and repeats this technique. As you gain confidence, begin this exercise without holding onto the edge of the pool. Feeling comfortable and relaxed throughout the body is a sure sign that everything is being done correctly.

Sliding on the water

Then the swimmer begins to practice sliding in the water. To do this, he stretches his arms forward, takes a deep breath, holds his breath, lies down on the water, and then pushes off the wall of the pool with his feet and glides through the water until it comes to a complete stop.

Having mastered gliding, he complicates it by incorporating the work of the legs and arms. Swims on holding his breath, making 6 alternating movements with his legs up and down, and with his hands 2-3 strokes to the sides of the chest, as if pushing the waves apart. After that, it rises to the bottom and takes a breath. Repeats this exercise until he feels he can breathe while swimming without stopping.

Swimming underwater

The moment has come when you can start learning to swim underwater. To do this, the beginner diver takes a deep breath, crouches under the water and pushes off the side of the pool with his feet. At first, it swims under water only due to the work of its legs. The hands of the outstretched arms are like the spars in an airplane, with their help he adjusts his body position and angle of inclination. After swimming a few meters, it floats to the surface, takes a breath and again plunges into the water.

As he acquires the skill, he connects the rowing movements with his hands to the work of the legs. And it gradually increases the distance that it can swim underwater while holding its breath.

Positive attitude

Vladimir Vysotsky, in one of the comic songs about the usefulness of exercise, has the following words: "Do not be gloomy and gloomy!"

By following this advice, you can master the technique of swimming underwater much faster. You should not be gloomy and gloomy if something does not work out. A cheerful and positive mood is a very good helper! With a little patience and perseverance, success is guaranteed.