How To Store Plastic Skis

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How To Store Plastic Skis
How To Store Plastic Skis

Video: How To Store Plastic Skis

Video: How To Store Plastic Skis
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In order for plastic skis to serve you for several seasons, you need to carefully prepare them for conservation. Despite the fact that modern plastic does not require special storage conditions, the sliding surface of skis must be processed in a certain way. How to store plastic skis properly?

How to store plastic skis
How to store plastic skis

It is necessary

  • - kerosene, turpentine or gasoline;
  • - soft rags;
  • - cotton wool;
  • - sandpaper;
  • - colorless shoe polish or petroleum jelly;
  • - metal cycle;
  • - ironing;
  • - paraffin with molybdenum;
  • - clamps;
  • - spacer


Step 1

Examine the skis carefully and determine the amount of repair needed. Pay special attention to cracks and chips formed during the winter season.

Step 2

Wipe the skis with clean water, wipe their sliding surface with a soft dry cloth. Dry thoroughly.

Step 3

Take cotton wool and lightly soak it in gasoline or turpentine. Wipe down the sliding surface of the skis, removing the remnants of the old ski wax.

Step 4

Cycle your skis thoroughly with a special metal cycle. Scraping should be done with light pressure. Movements should be continuous and fluid. You need to move from toe to heel. You should know that the angle of inclination of the cycle should not exceed 15-20 degrees.

Step 5

Sand the sliding surface with sandpaper. Pay special attention to damaged areas. Make sure the surface is completely smooth. Wipe the skis again with a cloth or cotton wool soaked in kerosene.

Step 6

Gently apply a layer of molten paraffin wax to the ski sliding surface. To do this, you need to melt a piece of paraffin on a heated iron in such a way that its drops fall on the ski. Smooth out the paraffin wax using the same iron. Make sure that the temperature of the iron does not exceed 200 degrees, otherwise the surface of the skis may be damaged. Let the paraffin dry for 2 hours.

Step 7

Lubricate the metal mounts with Vaseline. If the loops and bindings of your skis are made of leather, treat them with colorless shoe cream.

Step 8

Secure the ends of the skis with the clamps. Insert a special spacer under the cargo area.

Step 9

Store skis at room temperature, out of direct sunlight.