How To Change Documents After Marriage

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How To Change Documents After Marriage
How To Change Documents After Marriage

Video: How To Change Documents After Marriage

Video: How To Change Documents After Marriage
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Changing the surname after marriage leads to the fact that it is necessary to change not only the passport, but also other documents, since the records with the previous data will be invalid. Retirement insurance certificate, TIN, compulsory medical insurance policy, foreign passport, driver's license, plastic cards and savings books are subject to exchange.

How to change documents after marriage
How to change documents after marriage


  • - Marriage certificate;
  • - the passport;
  • - statement;
  • - receipt of payment of state duty;
  • - TIN;
  • - pension insurance certificate;
  • - compulsory medical insurance policy;
  • - driver's license;
  • - plastic cards, savings books;
  • - international passport.


Step 1

To exchange your passport, contact the territorial migration service. Present a passport with the same surname for replacement, a marriage certificate, fill out an application, pay a state fee, submit 4 photographs measuring 45x35 mm.

Step 2

Change the passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation within 1 month after changing the surname. The deadline for issuing an internal document will not exceed 10 days if you applied to the FMS at the place of permanent registration. When contacting the migration service not at the place of permanent registration, the processing time can take up to two months.

Step 3

Change your passport only after you have changed your internal passport. Contact the Federal Office of the Migration Service with a new passport, present your old passport for replacement, fill out an application and a questionnaire, pay the state fee, present 4 photographs 35x45 mm in size. Passport production time is 1 month.

Step 4

You can replace the insurance pension certificate at the territorial office of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation. Replacement is made on the basis of an application; you will also need to present a passport and an existing certificate.

Step 5

The TIN is changed at the territorial office of the Federal Tax Service. Contact the designated department with a statement, present your passport and TIN for replacement. The processing time will not exceed 10 calendar days.

Step 6

You can change your compulsory health insurance policy by contacting your employer, local administration or personally to the insurance company. takes 30 calendar days. During this time, you may be given a temporary certificate that allows you to receive medical care.

Step 7

You can change your driver's license by contacting the traffic police. Show your passport, old driver's license, marriage certificate, pay the state exchange fee.

Step 8

Bank personalized plastic cards, savings books can be changed by contacting the bank at the place of receipt. Based on the presented passport, marriage certificate and application, you will be replaced.

Step 9

The work book does not change when the surname is changed. On the basis of the presented marriage certificate, you will be entered new information and indicated on the cover the number of the new passport and marriage certificate.