How To Find Out If There Is Any Damage To Me In

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How To Find Out If There Is Any Damage To Me In
How To Find Out If There Is Any Damage To Me In

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Video: How To Find Out If There Is Any Damage To Me In
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The word "spoilage" is customary to mean loss, harm, loss, illness, distortion and defect, according to the dictionary of V. I. Dahl. If it seems to you that everything in your life has suddenly gone awry, this may mean that you have been spoiled. MEDIUM MEDIUM


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In some cases, it is possible to damage yourself. People who constantly scold themselves say that they are unlucky in everything, that they never succeed, most often they program themselves for negativity. If you have this behavior, try saying good things to yourself every morning, talking about positive changes in the future, and so on. It is enough to do this for a week to see changes for the better. In such a case, the self-induced damage is absorbed.

Step 2

To determine if someone else has corrupted you, it is completely unnecessary to perform rituals. It is enough to listen to your body. You have damage if you often feel unreasonable hatred of family and friends, suffer from constant headache or toothache, get nervous over trifles and quickly lose your temper, suddenly become prone to sudden mood swings and become afraid of the sun's rays. The presence of several signs is highly likely to indicate the presence of spoilage.

Step 3

Due to damage, the integrity of the energy field is violated, which makes your body less resistant to diseases and minor annoying injuries. If recently you have been sick a lot and for no reason, and often stumble or fall, this is most likely indicative of damage.

Step 4

You can try checking the presence and absence of spoilage with a regular gold ring. Run it over your hand or cheek with a little effort, if a white or just a light line appears in this place, then everything is in order with you. A dark strip at this point indicates that your troubles are not accidental. Please note that gold at least 585 is suitable for this test, as more impurities can affect the result.

Step 5

You can use the services of a psychic or fortune teller to find out exactly if you have damage. Contact only trusted specialists, do not use ads in newspapers or the Internet, try to find a suitable magician through your friends. Be prepared to pay extra for removing damage. However, before you agree to this ritual and pay for it, be sure to ask the psychic how exactly he will remove damage. If they cannot give you a clear answer and get off with vague explanations, it is better to look for another specialist.