How To Fill In M-17

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How To Fill In M-17
How To Fill In M-17

Video: How To Fill In M-17

Video: How To Fill In M-17
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Form No. M-17 is a typical intersectoral material accounting card. It is filled in by a financially responsible person (warehouse manager, storekeeper) and displays the movement of materials in the warehouse for each type, grade and size.

How to fill in m-17
How to fill in m-17


  • - primary receipts and expenditures;
  • - form No. M-17.


Step 1

Give the card to the accountant. He must fill it out in a single copy, based on the act of acceptance of materials (Form N M-7) or on the receipt (Form N M-4). Issue a card for each type of material or stock number (for example, write out separate cards for boards, cement and brick).

Step 2

Give the card to the storekeeper. He must record in the card all operations for the consumption or receipt of material and certify them with his signature.

Step 3

As soon as the entire card is completely filled out, hand it over to the accounting department (but at least once a month). Attach all receipts and expenditures of materials to the card.

Step 4

In the column "Item number" indicate the item number of the material. To do this, use the All-Russian Classifier of Economic Activities, Products and Services (OK 004-93) or develop your own coding. You can leave this field blank.

Step 5

Fill in the "Units of measurement" column. For this, use the All-Russian Classifier of Units of Measurement (OK 015-94), which lists all units of measurement used in Russia.

Step 6

Fill in the "Stock rate" column on the card. Indicate the quantity of materials that should ensure uninterrupted production, and should always be in stock.

Step 7

If there is material in the warehouse containing precious metals or stones, then fill in the “Precious material” column, based on a special passport attached to such materials.

Step 8

Keep the card in the archive of the organization for at least 5 years.