How To Get A Weapon Permit In Ukraine In

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How To Get A Weapon Permit In Ukraine In
How To Get A Weapon Permit In Ukraine In

Video: How To Get A Weapon Permit In Ukraine In

Video: How To Get A Weapon Permit In Ukraine In

The motives of the person deciding to obtain a permit to own a weapon are not important. Another thing is important - the existing legislative framework of Ukraine allows the population to have weapons and use them for their intended purpose.


In accordance with the Criminal Code of Ukraine, every citizen has the right to use weapons for self-defense or in the event of an invasion of their own households. But not every person is allowed to have a traumatic weapon. A legal basis is required to obtain a weapon.

Categories of persons who are allowed to have traumatic weapons in Ukraine

Law enforcement officers employed in law-establishing and law enforcement posts, military personnel, court officials, people's deputies, civil servants and journalists are allowed to have their own firearms.

Also, every Ukrainian has the right to have a hunting pneumatic weapon. If the caliber of a pneumatic weapon is 4.5 mm, then it can be bought without permission and registration, but only after the onset of majority. It is allowed to carry such weapons only when they are unloaded, which is regulated by the relevant legislation.

Obtaining a permit for a smooth-bore hunting weapon

The law allows Ukrainians to have smooth-bore weapons, but only on the basis of the provision of a number of documents:

  • Applications for a permit addressed to the head of the internal affairs;
  • Statements;
  • Medical conclusion on the absence of contraindications for the acquisition of weapons;
  • Photocopies of the insurance contract;
  • A document confirming the familiarization of the citizen with the rules for the use and handling of weapons;
  • Certificates about the absence of a citizen's criminal record;
  • Receipts for payment for registration of smooth-bore weapons.

Every citizen should keep in mind that the negligent storage of any weapon falls under the relevant article of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, which is supposed to be punished by imprisonment for a period of 3 to 12 years. Crimes committed with the use of carelessly stored weapons by third parties are considered separately, but the very fact of such crimes does not absolve the owner of the weapon. Permits for the use and storage of weapons are issued in Ukraine for a limited period - only three years.

In the realities of massive mistrust in the law enforcement and judicial system, in order to reduce crime and make up for the imperfection of the legislative framework in Ukraine, permission to own a weapon is justified. The arguments in favor of the need to arm the population can be seen in the example of the United States, Mexico, Italy, Switzerland, Spain and other countries.