Which Stone Is Right For Taurus

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Which Stone Is Right For Taurus
Which Stone Is Right For Taurus

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Video: Which Stone Is Right For Taurus
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For some people, their zodiac sign is an important criterion when choosing jewelry. Astromineralogy claims that improperly selected stones that do not fit your zodiac sign can do harm. At the same time, gems that match your horoscope will become an excellent talisman. So, red stones are contraindicated for earthly materialistic Taurus and blue and green ones are recommended.

Old turquoise has a specific greenish tint
Old turquoise has a specific greenish tint


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Although Taurus is an earth sign, and its main color is green, the most active talisman of this zodiac is a sapphire set in silver. This gem will help conservative, but at the same time sentimental Taurus to strengthen the spirit, to determine the right direction, to get rid of anxiety. Sapphires have a delicate effect and symbolize virtue, and therefore they help to reveal the best character traits of their owner.

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Lithotherapists and astromineralogists strongly recommend Taurus jewelry with the so-called "old" turquoise, which has a characteristic greenish tint. However, the usual azure turquoise will also work. Since ancient times, this mineral has been considered a powerful talisman and talisman of winners.

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Another useful stone is malachite. Gems of green shades are generally best suited for Taurus, and malachite is the best choice. It absorbs negative energy and protects against depression.

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Other green stones that can become an excellent talisman are chrysoprase, aventurines and, of course, emeralds. Chrysoprase will give determination in a new undertaking, aventurine will add self-confidence, and emerald will enhance discernment. The volatile alexandrites, which change their color from purple to green, can also be an effective talisman, contributing to the spiritual renewal of the wearer.

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Green chalcedony will help protect yourself from active energy influences from the outside. This is especially useful for Taurus, whose field of activity involves contact with a large number of people. The stone will save you from unnecessary worries, complexes, anxieties and stresses. Chalcedony is also effective in strengthening self-confidence, which is extremely important for this zodiac sign, which tends to listen to other people's opinions more than to themselves.

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As for the sphere of love relationships, rose quartz will be the ideal talisman that brings good luck, peace and understanding. It helps to harmonize personal life and leave negative experiences in the past.

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All other stones should be selected by date of birth. Amethyst, quartz, agate and carnelian are most suitable for Taurus born between April 21st and May 1st. For representatives of the second decade (from May 2 to May 11) - corals, onyxes, opals, chrysoprase. In the third decade (from the 12th to the 20th), people are born with a difficult character, gloomy and pessimistic - they are recommended to use diamonds, garnets, topaz and tourmalines.