Which Seas Are The Most Polluted In The World

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Which Seas Are The Most Polluted In The World
Which Seas Are The Most Polluted In The World

Video: Which Seas Are The Most Polluted In The World

Video: Which Seas Are The Most Polluted In The World
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The world's seas polluted with various kinds of waste are the scourge of our time. Mediterranean, Azov, Baltic, Black - in Europe; South China, Lakkadiv - in other regions of the world are anti-leaders in the ratings of clean seas.

Which seas are the most polluted in the world
Which seas are the most polluted in the world

Sad record holders of Europe

According to Greenpeace, the Mediterranean Sea is considered the dirtiest. The cradle of civilization off the coast of France, Spain and Italy contains more than 1950 waste items per kilometer of the seabed. While tourists from all over the world watch the sunrises and sunsets over Crete, under the bottom of the cruise ships lay layers of plastic bottles and bags, destroying the last schools of tuna and swordfish.

A liter bottle of Mediterranean water contains 9-11 grams of oil products, plus heavy metals and sewage.

The second "dirty" - the Black and Azov seas. Possessing a closed structure and bottom layers of hydrogen sulfide, during storms, their eco-balance is complicated by a mixture of putrefactive deposits with trash and sewage from the largest rivers in Europe.

Another leader of the sad rating is Baltika. This waterway of Northern Europe is shallow. The hydrological fact is aggravated by the fact that for decades industrial giants of Europe have been setting up garbage cemeteries in the waters of the sea. A total of six dozen deadly burial grounds have been registered in the sea.

The Baltic is also the only sea in the world that is called the sea of death of the future! We are talking about half a million tons of German shells, bombs and toxic substances buried at the bottom of the sea. Under the influence of salt water and unrelenting time, ammunition with mustard gas, sarin, diphosgene, soman, rusts, bringing a catastrophe of a European scale closer. For example, mustard gas hydrolyzes and forms a poisonous jelly that poisons the sea for many decades.

After the Second World War, the British dumped 120 thousand tons of chemical charges west of the English Channel. Taking into account the unlimited discharge of waste industrial water from the thermal power plant, the North Sea is also considered dirty. At least, the EEC environmental commission identified it immediately after the Mediterranean, Black and Baltic.

World anti-leaders

The rapidly developing economies of Southeast Asia and China with their polluted ports and megacities of the South China Sea: Hong Kong, Macau, Shenzhen, Taiwan are in the first place. The main toxic component has become a growing stream of wastewater, discharged into it without any filtration. According to the results of samples in its coastal waters, the South China Sea is recognized as the most polluted sea in the Southern Hemisphere.

The megacities of Western India: Calcutta, Chennai, Vishakhapatnam have made the coastal waters of the Bay of Bengal and the Laccadive Sea the second most polluted marine region in Asia with the highest content of heavy metals. In the water area of ports, their concentration is 0.3-0.5 ml per liter.

A man-made disaster in the US Gulf of Mexico has made it the dirtiest sea in America. In total, about 10 million barrels of oil fell into the sea off the coast of Louisiana.

The Gulf of Mexico closes the rating of the most polluted seas in the world ocean.