What Color Goes Well With Blue?

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What Color Goes Well With Blue?
What Color Goes Well With Blue?

Video: What Color Goes Well With Blue?

Video: What Color Goes Well With Blue?
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Blue is a delicate beautiful color that enhances the beauty of any woman. Shades of blue and blue, differing in the degree of brightness, saturation and lightness, should be in the wardrobe of every fashionista. This color is especially close to brunettes and dark blond - they can afford to wear up to 50 shades of blue.

Color circle
Color circle

In nature, there are a huge number of shades of blue and blue. Depending on the presence of black pigment in them (brightness) or on the presence of white (lightness), and also depending on the saturation or fading of blue, this color can be combined with other colors. When compiling the most advantageous color combinations, it is easiest to follow the principles of monochrome, similarity and complementarity.

Monochrome combinations

To see how the colors work together, it's best to use the color wheel. On this circle, colors are conditionally divided into warm and cold, and you can also see how brightness gradually changes from the edges to the center and any shade turns into white.

By studying the color wheel, applying one color to another, you can get the most successful combinations of shades. So, monochrome combinations are considered one of the most pleasing to the eye, that is, combinations within the same color. In this case, one color is the one that is represented within one segment of the circle, one "piece of cake". In other words, choosing for the image 2 or 3 shades of blue of different brightness, you can make a harmonious combination.

For example, wear light blue, forget-me-not skinny jeans and complement them with a sweatshirt in a brighter, cobalt hue. Shoes and accessories in this look can also be blue.

Similar combinations

Similar, that is, close combinations are those that are adjacent to the selected segment. In the case of blue, it is blue and turquoise. In a stylish look, you can use up to three of any shades from these segments, while you can take both brighter and lighter options.

So, a dark blue skirt can be worn with a silk blouse in a fashionable mint (light turquoise) color and complete the look with stiletto heels in a juicy shade of azure.

Complimentary combinations

Complementary colors are those that are on opposite sides of the color wheel. When these colors are close, they seem to reinforce each other, become brighter. Such combinations never go out of style. Here are all the famous complimentary pairs:

- cold green (emerald) - red;

- warm green (herbal) - hot pink (fuchsia);

- cold yellow (lemon) - purple;

- warm yellow (mustard) - blue;

- blue - brown-orange.

That is why brown-eyed brunettes and fair-haired, in whose eyes and hair there are many yellow and orange flashes, almost all shades of blue and blue go like this. By the principle of complementarity, it is these colors that enhance the natural shades of such eyes and hair, making them shine even brighter. The same is true in clothes - wear a blue sweater with trousers of the color of chocolate, and then they will look the most advantageous against each other.