How To Lubricate Notched Skis

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How To Lubricate Notched Skis
How To Lubricate Notched Skis

Video: How To Lubricate Notched Skis

Video: How To Lubricate Notched Skis

Depending on what style you ski, how fast you ski, whether you prefer simple walks in the woods, downhill slopes, or even running on ski tracks, the type of skis and their lubrication are chosen. Notched skis are considered the slowest and are designed for walking.

How to lubricate notched skis
How to lubricate notched skis


  • - paraffin;
  • - brush


Step 1

Prepare skis, paraffin wax and a special brush or a simple stick with which to rub your skis. In this case, it is advisable to purchase paraffin in a spray can. You can buy it at any specialty store. If you use briquetted lubricant, then pre-hold it at room temperature, the substance should be soft.

Step 2

Take your skis and lay them in front of you, first turning them over with the back side to you. Remember, at the time of rubbing the skis, moisture should never get on them. The sliding surface must be completely dry.

Step 3

With progressive movements, begin to apply paraffin from top to bottom on one ski, rubbing a thin layer of the entire sliding surface. Do this evenly so that absolutely every area is processed.

Step 4

Remember - it is important to take into account the notches of the skis, which are in the center, because they contribute to a smooth ride and prevent the skier from developing speed. Do not try to fill the groove with grease, your goal is not the groove, but its edges. Some craftsmen advise cutting a piece of paraffin in the shape of a notch, and treating the surface for them, so you will not leave excess lubricant inside, but you will process the ski efficiently. If using an aerosol, no further action is required. Just hold the bottle at a distance of 15-20 cm, and the lubricant will lie flat.

Step 5

Remove excess paraffin wax with a stick in the same movements as you applied. At the same time, pay close attention to the shine, it should not disappear. Be careful, the surface can be easily scratched.

Step 6

Set aside the processed ski and start with the second one.

Step 7

Take a small, soft, lint-free cloth and wipe the skis dry, 10-15 minutes after processing them. During this time, the paraffin must acquire the desired adhesion to the surface. If you notice that after the fabric there are stripes or scratches on the ski, then the procedure will have to be repeated again, but with new lubricant, most likely you got a poor-quality paraffin.