How To Remove Paint From A Boat

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How To Remove Paint From A Boat
How To Remove Paint From A Boat

Video: How To Remove Paint From A Boat

Video: How To Remove Paint From A Boat
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There are several ways to remove paint from a boat. The most effective one involves the use of a Karcher household sink. With its help, you can remove even a multi-layer coating that is not amenable to other processing methods.

There are several ways to remove paint from a boat
There are several ways to remove paint from a boat


  • - household sink Karcher
  • - paint remover
  • - polyethylene
  • - putty knife
  • - grinder
  • - metal brush


Step 1

There are three ways to remove paint from a duralumin or aluminum boat: using mechanical action, chemical and a complex of these means. The effectiveness of each of them depends on how many layers of old paint are applied to the surface of the boat and how resistant the coating is to washes. Fishermen advise against removing paint using the blowtorch method. The fact is that this work requires skill and maximum care. For the manufacture of boats, thin duralumin sheets are used, so it is only necessary to hold the fire in one place for a short time, and the metal is burned through.

Step 2

To remove paint mechanically, you need a grinder equipped with a stiff metal brush. Since a large amount of dust, consisting of small pieces of paint and metal, will inevitably be generated during work, it is recommended to use a respirator. If the coating is multi-layer, it is impossible to clean the paint in one pass so that only one metal remains. You will need to patiently peel it off layer by layer.

Step 3

The chemical method of removing paint is to use special washes. These corrosive substances can corrode paintwork, making it easier to remove. In addition to washing, you will need a brush, spatula, plastic wrap. The process of removing paint is as follows: a wash is applied with a brush, then the treated surface is covered with polyethylene for 20-30 minutes, after which the paint is removed with a spatula. But practice has shown that this method is not always effective. Therefore, you can turn down like this: apply a wash and leave it for 10-20 minutes, then rub the paint with a soft metal brush and reapply the wash. In this way, the multi-layer coating can be removed.

Step 4

If it is possible to use a Karcher household sink to remove paint, the process will be more efficient and faster. After applying the wash to the surface of the boat, you need to wait 20-30 minutes and start removing the paint with a stream of water. As a rule, the coating comes off immediately and pure metal remains.

Step 5

For Karcher sinks, you can purchase a sandblasting nozzle. Removing paint with pressurized sand is very effective. The only condition: it must be dry and carefully sifted. Reviews about this method are only positive. It is necessary to work with the Karcher sink very carefully: a jet of water or sand can easily damage the skin.