Until What Time Can Repair Work Be Carried Out

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Until What Time Can Repair Work Be Carried Out
Until What Time Can Repair Work Be Carried Out

Video: Until What Time Can Repair Work Be Carried Out

Video: Until What Time Can Repair Work Be Carried Out
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In our life, it happens that it is necessary to urgently complete an unfinished repair in a timely manner. Trying to shorten the time, you start working not only during the day, but also at late night. The speed of repair does not always find a solidarity among neighbors, and then the question arises: "When is it possible and when is it impossible to carry out noisy repair work?"

In time to think
In time to think


Step 1

Remember that all repairs must be carried out only during the daytime, i.e. in the working days of the working population. The main aspect here is a sense of respect for the people living next to you.

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A suitable time for renovation work will be from 06:00 am to 22:00 pm. However, this issue should be preliminarily settled with your neighbors, especially if a family with a small child lives in the neighborhood. In addition, you have the additional opportunity to negotiate repairs on weekends or holidays. Otherwise, the indignation of neighbors can turn into such troubles as the application of administrative measures against you.

Step 3

A single normative act regulating the time of carrying out noise works has not yet been adopted in our country. However, at the level of each individual region of the Russian Federation, local authorities have adopted their own internal legislative acts. For example, in the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug - Yugra, a law "On Administrative Offenses" was adopted. One of the articles of this law establishes the procedure for carrying out repair and other noise works, specifies their content and types, and also provides for the amount of penalties.

Step 4

When carrying out repair work, it is necessary to remember the permissible noise exposure. The easiest way to detect noise is to compare it with a suddenly triggered car alarm. The alarm sound level varies within 80-100 dB. You are allowed to make noise twice as quiet. The acceptable noise level in the daytime is 55 dB, at night - no more than 45 dB.

Step 5

Thus, repair work should be carried out in the daytime and in the evening, but accordingly within the limits established at the level of your region of the Russian Federation, time. Noise works in the late evening and night hours are strictly prohibited by legal regulations. It is unacceptable to carry out repair work on weekends and, on officially accepted, holidays.

Step 6

Remember that in the event of a malicious violation of the generally accepted norms on the time of the repair, the violator may be brought to administrative responsibility. In this case, the size of the fine can be five hundred and three thousand rubles.