How To Thermoform Skates

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How To Thermoform Skates
How To Thermoform Skates

Video: How To Thermoform Skates

Video: How To Thermoform Skates
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Many hockey fans, skaters are probably familiar with the inconvenience and pain that new hard skates cause. Today, thanks to the materials and construction of modern skates, this problem can be solved.

How to thermoform skates
How to thermoform skates

It is necessary

  • - skates;
  • - molding furnace;
  • - hairdryer.


Step 1

When buying, be sure to try on skates. If they fit snugly against the leg and do not press, then this size is suitable: the leg will not get tired in them.

Step 2

In order for the skate boot to acquire an anatomical shape, thermoform it. This process involves heating the skates in a special molding oven. Such devices are usually found in specialized sports stores and services. The best are German-made stoves, they ideally keep the temperature (about 80? C), which is necessary for heating the skates.

Step 3

Before you start heating, read the instructions for your skates, it should indicate the holding time in the oven. If the instructions were lost or were not in the package, consult a store consultant. Almost all manufacturers of skates in their manufacture provide for the possibility of thermoforming, so that it is possible to fit the skate boot exactly to the owner's leg.

Step 4

Place the skates in a molding oven for 3-5 minutes. Then take out, put on while warm, and lace up well. The boot should fit snugly on the foot, it should be comfortable in it. Stand still or sit for 10 minutes. The immobility in this case is very important. When the foot moves, the molding points will move, and the shoes will not take an anatomical shape, it will be inconvenient to ride in them, they will still press, creating discomfort for the wearer.

Step 5

You can also thermoform at home. To do this, use a construction (if available) or regular hair dryer. Warm up the inside of the boot for 3-5 minutes. Then put it on and lace up. Remove after 15 minutes.

Step 6

Remember that not all skates can be thermoformed. Before doing this, consult the seller or visit the manufacturer's website, on the pages of which you can familiarize yourself with the nuances of molding a particular model of skates. It is also worth noting that even the highest quality skates can be warmed up no more than four times.