How To Order Business Cards

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How To Order Business Cards
How To Order Business Cards

Video: How To Order Business Cards

Video: How To Order Business Cards
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An integral attribute of a modern person is a business card, which is a compact information carrier. A business card with an exclusive design is able to create a convincing advertisement for any company. Therefore, most companies order business cards for their employees and management only from professionals who are not only creative in processing and selling business cards, but also focus on high quality and original design methods.

How to order business cards
How to order business cards


Step 1

In a large city, the production of business cards is usually accompanied by a number of difficulties, since the order must be completed in a short time. Therefore, before ordering business cards for yourself or employees of your organization, choose a suitable company, which is located at least in the same part of the city.

Step 2

Acquaintances or friends can advise the necessary performer, or use a search engine and search on the Internet. On the website of a printing company, you can consider examples of the execution of business cards and choose the most acceptable option for yourself. The templates have different themes, the selected example can be changed at your discretion. The cost of ordering business cards always depends on the quantity and the larger the order, the cheaper each business card will cost you.

Step 3

You can order business cards over the phone or send an application with requirements and wishes by e-mail, after which the manager must call back at the contact number you specified. When discussing an order with the manager of a printing company, be sure to clarify the nuances and first check the template that will go to print. After all, mistakes in already printed business cards will be impossible to correct.

Step 4

Negotiate delivery. Please note that for customers making a large order, the contractor always makes certain concessions - drops the price or organizes free shipping.

Step 5

Business cards are usually printed on heavy paper or plastic. You can choose paper glossy, matte, rubberized, with an unusual texture that can sparkle with mother-of-pearl.

Step 6

A standard business card is made of high quality white cardboard, on which the data that the client needs is printed: last name, first name, patronymic, phone numbers, email address, as well as the company logo and its location. Usually a business card has a size of 9 by 5 cm, but you can change it at your discretion. Additionally, a business card can be decorated with a thermal rise, foil stamping and curly die-cutting. The design style, as well as the indicated information, depends on the purpose of the business card, which can also be made for personal purposes.