What To Do With Old Batteries

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What To Do With Old Batteries
What To Do With Old Batteries

Vehicles, as well as office, household and mobile appliances - these are things that have become familiar to us. Modern man is surrounded by an environment filled with communication tools and technical innovations. They are powered by conventional batteries. Batteries, like any power source, fail over time and then you have to change it to a new one. The question arises, where to put the old battery?

What to do with old batteries
What to do with old batteries


Step 1

Take your used battery to a specialist company that recycles and disposes of this type of equipment. As you know, rechargeable batteries contain components (acids, heavy metals, their various compounds) that are harmful to the environment and humans. By donating an unusable charger to such a company, you will prevent pollution by showing environmental awareness.

Step 2

If large companies do not accept single copies of outdated power supplies, contact small battery collection points that cooperate with large battery recycling companies for a solution. Such sites store old equipment until a large batch is collected, which can be accepted by a large company.

Step 3

Take the unusable power source (mostly for car batteries) to the nearest car service. The workshop specialists will deal with it. Perhaps they will bring him back to life.

Step 4

Sell your old battery. To do this, bring it to a special collection point for waste power supplies, where you will receive a certain, albeit small, amount for it. Often, the role of such reception points is played by the offices for the purchase of metals. You can also arrange with the buying company to remove the unwanted battery. Get rid of your old equipment with a minimum of effort, profitably and without harming the environment.

Step 5

If none of the proposed options suits you: you do not know where the described specialized points are, do not throw the old battery into a trash can or forest. Leave your aging power source in a visible place next to the dumpsters. Practice shows that in this case the battery is disposed of "by itself" in a short time. It will be picked up by people who know where to hand over the equipment and make money on it.