How To Send A Parcel To Spain

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How To Send A Parcel To Spain
How To Send A Parcel To Spain

Video: How To Send A Parcel To Spain

Video: How To Send A Parcel To Spain
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A parcel to Spain, as well as to other EU countries, can be sent from almost any post office in the country. However, there are significant restrictions both on its weight and on the shipping of some products.

How to send a parcel to Spain
How to send a parcel to Spain


Step 1

The package must be packed securely. You cannot send items that could injure postal workers or spoil other parcels. When sending a parcel, fill out a customs declaration with a description of all its contents to be sent to Spain.

Step 2

You can send only parcels with the initially declared value and limited cost. Fragile and bulky items must not be sent. It is forbidden to send money and bonds, art objects over 100 years old, minerals and rocks, expensive philatelic items, original documents, biological preparations, etc.

Step 3

As in all countries of the European Union, a limited number of cigarettes and alcohol can be sent to Spain. Weight restrictions up to 2 kg exist for live seafood, honey and other bee products, as well as various food for children, animal feed in special factory packaging.

Limitations up to 1 kg exist for bakery products, chocolate, various pasta, concentrates.

Step 4

In general, there is a restriction on the import into the country of products or goods with a total weight of more than 30 kg.

It is strictly forbidden to send meat products to Spain, including poultry, sausages, canned meat; all types of dairy products; animal feed containing meat or milk.

Step 5

A standard parcel is one whose weight does not exceed thirty kilograms, and its length in all respects is no more than 75 centimeters. Other parcels are non-standard and will incur additional shipping charges.

Step 6

If a parcel is found that exceeds the permissible dimensions or contains prohibited products, it will be confiscated and destroyed, and if it is violated again, penalties are possible.