How To Store Receipts

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How To Store Receipts
How To Store Receipts

Keeping a check is mainly done by people who carefully plan their expenses. This practice is widely used in Europe and America. There, housewives monthly lump up the sums that they spent in a month, and then analyze what was purchased in the past month. In Russia, this practice has just begun to gain popularity.

How to store receipts
How to store receipts


  • - box,
  • - notebook,
  • - wallet.


Step 1

The most common way is the storage of a sales document, for example, in a shoe box or other clothing. This is the easiest way to keep your receipts safe for all purchases. The only drawback is that in such a box everything will lie in a pile of papers.

Step 2

Demanding men and women paste the product line into a financial notebook. It can be made from a regular school one - just indicate the dates and purpose of the purchase. With this storage method, everything will be arranged perfectly and in order.

Step 3

Receipts for important purchases, such as televisions or washing machines, can be attached to the instructions for use of the appliance. And for example, when buying shoes, put in the original box.

Step 4

Some have separate folders and store all documents in bundles, depending on the category of goods or services. Utilities - in one file, receipts for construction materials - in another, in the third - for household appliances.

Step 5

Many people resort to a method of storing all sales receipts in a cardcase, or, more simply, a business card holder. Due to the large number of transparent compartments, a fairly large number of sales sheets can be placed there. And you can audit it once a month and free cells from unnecessary pieces of paper.

Step 6

It is also worth noting that storing receipts is a very useful activity. Many goods are subject to terms of service or their return; in the absence of a confirming receipt or invoice, it is most likely that it will not work to hand over the purchase or return the money for it.

Step 7

And, of course, the most popular way to store purchase receipts is to collect them in your wallet. For many people, this action is automatic. When the seller gives you change, he puts the sales receipt on it, which, by inertia, you put away in your purse, wallet or pocket bag. The only drawback is that many checks will not be saved this way.