How To Avoid Becoming A Victim Of Street Bullies

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How To Avoid Becoming A Victim Of Street Bullies
How To Avoid Becoming A Victim Of Street Bullies

Video: How To Avoid Becoming A Victim Of Street Bullies

Video: How To Avoid Becoming A Victim Of Street Bullies
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Often on television, radio or in newspapers, the next victim of a hooligan attack is reported. Such criminal news never goes unnoticed by the public; representatives of law enforcement agencies talk about how you can protect yourself or prevent such situations, but it is not enough just to know all these rules, you still need to follow them.

How to avoid becoming a victim of street bullies
How to avoid becoming a victim of street bullies


Step 1

Usually hooligans go out on a kind of hunt in the evening or at night. The main thing to remember when walking in the evening and at night is that a short road is not considered safe. It is better to spend more time driving home through lighted or crowded streets than to be the victim of an attack. It is generally better not to walk alone in dark deserted courtyards or disadvantaged areas at nightfall. It is always better to prevent negative events than to overcome their consequences later.

Step 2

In the event that suspicious and clearly aggressive personalities appear on the street, in an entertainment establishment or even in public transport, possibly also in alcoholic or drug intoxication, it is better to leave this place. Getting off the subway or bus, crossing the street, changing seats - it’s better to do everything to exclude the possibility of contact with such people. Under the influence of alcohol, a person may generally cease to think sensibly, and therefore arguments about how to behave and how not to do so will not have the proper effect, but, on the contrary, will aggravate the situation. Surprisingly, nowadays hooligans are more annoyed by witty or simply "smart" answers than insolent phrases.

Step 3

When it is impossible to avoid contact with bullies, the main thing is not to immediately play the role of the victim: they are just waiting for this. The Western press is constantly talking about the fact that, on the contrary, you need to give all the valuable things at once and completely submit to the attackers in order to avoid more serious consequences. In Russian realities, this tactic usually does not work, on the contrary, the hooligans feel even more their significance and power over the victim, and therefore can use physical violence or even kill them on purpose or accidentally. When the leader of the group tries to start a conversation from the series "Can't you find a cigarette?" you need to carefully monitor your own speech so as not to provoke or anger the hooligans.

Step 4

Sometimes a friendly and even familiar tone in conversation helps in such a situation. Answer in the spirit of “Guys, I have nothing with me, I left it at home. And here in the bar Kolyan there is a security guard, you can ask him , most likely, will allow you to avoid an attack. You need to speak confidently and believe in your own words. In addition, it would be nice if Kolyan actually worked as a security guard somewhere nearby.

Step 5

There is also a tactic “like that”, when the same insolent tone is used in response to the impudent statements and questions of the hooligans. To the question "Who are you at all?" and other strange and not assuming a normal answer questions can be answered in the spirit of "Who himself?", "Any problems?" etc. Hooligans are looking for helpless, defenseless and weak victims, it is clearly not with their hands to fight an equal opponent. In this case, impudence is also the second happiness. Although in the case of a huge numerical advantage of the attackers, they are indifferent to any trifles.

Step 6

When the hooligans start to start a fight, you don't have to wait any longer. Shout "Fire!", Call for help, fight yourself, but in no case show helplessness. It is unlikely, but someone can come to the rescue. Another advantage of this behavior is that hooligan groups are usually not organized attacks, but situations from the "passed by" series. These people are afraid of the police, statements, drives and, in general, legal proceedings, and therefore would prefer to leave the place where they might have been noticed. Of course, “jackie chanam” or “van damam” do not have to worry, but put all the criminals in turn, but there is a possibility that you will have to answer for exceeding the limits of permissible self-defense.

Step 7

There is another way to amaze the attackers by shouting "Hurray!" At the beginning of the brawl. or something similar. While they are looking at each other in confusion, you can try to escape. Before the attack, you need to do something that will postpone the moment of the fight. In each case it can be something different: sometimes you can break a window in the nearest house with a stone so that people pay attention to what is happening and call the police.

Step 8

In general, of course, it is better to plan in advance for your late return from guests or from the evening work shift. If you have to walk a rather long distance on foot, it is better to call a taxi, ask your friends to meet or give you a ride home in order to minimize the likelihood of attracting the attention of hooligans. Still, lonely passers-by are the most suitable option for them, so it's better not to get in their way.