Why Moles Appear

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Why Moles Appear
Why Moles Appear

Video: Why Moles Appear

Video: Why Moles Appear
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Moles begin to appear on the human body already in infancy, and over the years their number only grows. For some people, they are invisible and do not attract attention, while for someone these formations cause a lot of inconvenience. There are a number of prerequisites for the occurrence of moles.

Why moles appear
Why moles appear


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Doctors attribute moles to birthmarks, or nevi. These neoplasms form on human skin under the influence of melanin, which are cells containing a huge amount of biological pigment.

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In children, moles usually appear small in size, but over the years they become larger, and their number increases. This happens under the influence of hormones, which is confirmed by the data according to which the active formation of nevi occurs during pregnancy. Other causes of moles include exposure to ultraviolet rays of the skin.

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According to research, moles most often appear on a person's face. This is most likely due to the fact that the face is the part of the body most exposed to the sun. However, there are no “forbidden places” for moles on the human body - they appear even on the mucous membranes and under the skin, and cannot always be seen even during a medical examination. A person may not even be aware of some of the moles that exist on his body.

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According to one of the versions, the appearance of red moles indicates disorders in the functioning of the colon and pancreas. But this point of view raises doubts among many scientists, since it has not yet found scientific confirmation. Modern medicine associates the appearance of red nevi with a violation of lipid metabolism and classifies these formations as dermatological pathologies.

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"Hanging" moles are often also considered a type of nevus, but in fact these formations are called papillomas, which appear on the body under the influence of the epithelial human papillomavirus.

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Some moles are completely safe, others put a person's health at a certain risk, and still others can be the cause of malignant tumors.