What Are The Types Of Briefings

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What Are The Types Of Briefings
What Are The Types Of Briefings

Video: What Are The Types Of Briefings

Video: What Are The Types Of Briefings
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Briefings are conducted at each enterprise with all employees, regardless of their job duties and activities. The main ones are briefings on fire safety and labor protection.

What are the types of briefings
What are the types of briefings

Occupational safety briefings are divided into: introductory, primary, repeated, unscheduled and targeted.

Induction training

This type of briefing is carried out with all employees. The level of education, length of service in this position does not matter. The introductory briefing is carried out by a labor protection specialist. The program is developed on the basis of acts, laws and regulations of the Russian Federation, and the specifics of the activities of a particular enterprise are also taken into account. The employer approves the program personally. During the induction briefing, the employee must master the following knowledge:

1. about general information about the company;

2. on general provisions on labor protection;

3. on the rules of internal labor regulations;

4. about the general norms and rules of conduct on the territory of the enterprise;

5. about harmful and dangerous factors when working at this enterprise in this position;

6. about personal protective equipment;

7. about fire safety;

8. about the procedure for registration of accidents;

9. on the provision of first aid.

Initial briefing

This type of briefing is carried out before the start of production activities with all hired employees, as well as those who were transferred from one department to another.

Questions studied during the initial briefing:

1. general information about the technological process, equipment;

2. the basics of work without injuries;

3. basic safety requirements;

4. the basics of the use of fire extinguishing means, emergency protection, as well as signaling.


This briefing is carried out every six months with all employees. It is carried out either individually or in a group. The questions studied during re-instruction are similar to the primary one.

Unscheduled instruction

It is carried out individually or by a group of people engaged in similar activities. The briefing plan and questions are determined depending on the purpose of its conduct. For example, the introduction of new rules, labor protection standards, a change in the technological process or the introduction of the latest equipment, when employees violate safety measures or a long break in work.

Targeted briefing

This type of briefing is carried out before the specialist begins to perform one-time work unusual for him, in cases where it is necessary to eliminate the consequences of emergencies, natural disasters, as well as when organizing an excursion at the enterprise or other public events.