What Issues Will Be Considered At The G8 Summit

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What Issues Will Be Considered At The G8 Summit
What Issues Will Be Considered At The G8 Summit

Video: What Issues Will Be Considered At The G8 Summit

Video: What Issues Will Be Considered At The G8 Summit
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The G8, or G8, is an informal international club that includes eight countries: Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Canada, Russia, USA, France and Japan. At the meeting of the leaders of these states, the most pressing international problems are discussed. The next summit will be held in the United States on May 18-19, 2012.

What issues will be considered at the summit
What issues will be considered at the summit


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At the G8 meeting, countries are usually represented by their official leaders - presidents and heads of government. If the head of state, for one reason or another, cannot attend the summit, he is replaced by a second person. At the next meeting, Russia will be represented by Prime Minister Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev, since the country's President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin will not take part in the summit in connection with the work on forming a new government. He will meet with the leaders of other countries in a month, at the G20 summit.

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The agenda of the meeting includes the most pressing issues of political and economic security. In particular, Iran's nuclear program will be discussed. Despite the assurances of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad about the exclusively peaceful nature of his country's research in the field of nuclear energy, the leaders of the "G8" are demanding more substantial evidence from the Islamic republic that it is not trying to create nuclear weapons.

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One of the most important issues on the agenda will be the situation in Syria. Despite the parliamentary elections held in the country, terrorist attacks continue in the country, and there are military clashes between government troops and rebels. The United States and its European allies are in favor of the resignation of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. On the other hand, Russia declares the inadmissibility of outside interference in the internal conflict of a sovereign country. What such interventions lead to is clearly seen in the example of Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya. Concerned about the situation in Syria, Russia will advocate a solution to the problem through a peaceful dialogue between the parties involved in the conflict.

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The summit will also touch upon the situation in North Korea. The country's leader Kim Jong-un, continuing the policy of his father Kim Jong-il, is heading towards strengthening the country's military power. The unpredictable policies of a nuclear-armed country are of great concern to the G8 members. They have repeatedly called on Pyongyang to stop working on improving nuclear weapons and developing ballistic missiles.

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Much attention at the meeting will be paid to economic issues. Despite the fact that after the economic crisis in 2008 the situation in Europe has stabilized, many countries in the euro area are still in a very difficult situation. Analysts are trying to predict the development of the situation in the event of a collapse of the eurozone, such a forecast no longer seems impossible. After the election of the new French President François Hollande, his meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel will be of great importance for the fate of the euro zone; their meeting is scheduled for May 15.

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Traditionally, the G8 summit discusses human rights issues. There is no doubt that Dmitry Medvedev, representing Russia, will be asked a number of uncomfortable questions - in particular, about the dispersal of the so-called “March of Millions” that took place in Moscow on May 6, 2012. The march and clashes with the police resulted in hundreds of detainees, dozens of wounded both by the police and among the opposition, and one dead. Some media outlets claim that President Putin refused to attend the summit precisely because he did not want to discuss this topic. Nevertheless, according to presidential aide Arkady Dvorkovich, all this is nothing more than idle reflections that have nothing to do with reality.

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Without a doubt, a number of other issues will also be discussed at the summit, since its informal status allows raising any topic. That is why the list of the main points to be discussed will be available only after the end of the meeting.