How To Shrink A Gold Ring

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How To Shrink A Gold Ring
How To Shrink A Gold Ring

Video: How To Shrink A Gold Ring

Video: How To Shrink A Gold Ring
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It often happens that the donated ring does not fit. How can you reduce its size so that it does not deform and lose its luster?

How to shrink a gold ring
How to shrink a gold ring


Step 1

If you decide to buy a ring as a gift, first find out the exact size of the fingers of the person who will be wearing it. Size is the diameter in millimeters. So, for example, a size 16 ring has a diameter of 16 mm, etc.

Step 2

Ask the person to whom you are going to present the jewelry, the size of his fingers or, better, invite him to a jewelry salon in order not to make the wrong choice. However, if you want to present an engagement ring to your bride so that she does not know about it for the time being, you will either have to measure her fingers when she sleeps, or take one of her rings from her imperceptibly for a while, or ask your future mother-in-law about it …

Step 3

If you have not guessed with the size and the ring is too large, you will have to contact the jeweler in order to slightly reduce the product. Therefore, even when choosing a ring (especially an engagement ring), do not engrave it (for example, with the date of your intended wedding). The point is not that the wedding can be upset, but that when the ring is reduced, there is almost always a small seam from laser welding on its inner side (if the ring is larger than 1 size).

Step 4

You should not buy "by eye" and rings with a scattering of stones around the circumference or products from alloys of various types of gold and metals (white and yellow, for example). Firstly, the procedure for reducing the ring in this case threatens with absolute damage to the product, and, secondly, not every jeweler will undertake this business. As a last resort, if you do not know the exact size, buy a ring with one or two pebbles, which are usually taken out before the reduction procedure so as not to damage them, and then inserted back.

Step 5

Before giving the ring to the master, ask him about the possible risks, namely:

- whether the seam from laser welding will not be visible;

- whether the ring is deformed;

- will the metal darken;

- will the ring burst along the seam in the future;

- whether the place of the metal cut will be noticeable, which is done before reducing the ring.

Step 6

If the ring is no more than 0.5 sizes large, it is usually not cut or welded, but compressed on a special machine. However, the ring may deform slightly after this.