How To Make A Tennis Table

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How To Make A Tennis Table
How To Make A Tennis Table

Video: How To Make A Tennis Table

Video: How To Make A Tennis Table
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Table tennis is a fun and addictive game. But if you decide to hold even a small intra-family dacha tournament, you will need expensive equipment - a tennis table. However, buying such a table is not necessary at all; if you wish, you can make it from simple materials at hand.

How to make a tennis table
How to make a tennis table

It is necessary

  • - two sheets of plywood;
  • - planed boards;
  • - wooden blocks;
  • - nails;
  • - self-tapping screws;
  • - screwdriver;
  • - a hammer;
  • - hacksaw;
  • - building level;
  • - roulette;
  • - sandpaper;
  • - antiseptic;
  • - varnish.


Step 1

Prepare the necessary materials and tools. You will need two 20mm thick plywood sheets to make the court (tabletop). Well-planed boards with a thickness of 30 mm are indispensable. For the manufacture of racks, use a building beam with a section of 70x100 mm. Also stock up on woodworking tools and fasteners (nails, screws).

Step 2

Make stands for the future table. It is convenient to make them, taking construction goats as a prototype. It will take two of them. Make four goat legs from the wooden blocks. At the same time, maintain the height that the tennis table should have (760 mm). Place a horizontal bar in the upper part between the legs of the goats. Fasten the legs of the stand together with crossbars. For added stability, place a block between these rungs as well. Fasten all structural elements securely together with self-tapping screws and nails. The main requirement for racks is to be extremely stable and not wobble

Step 3

Prepare the court. Carefully cut out two halves of the table from the plywood sheets. The size of a standard assembled tennis table is 2740x1525 mm. Therefore, the length of each half of the countertop must be 1370 mm. When sawing workpieces, use a hacksaw carefully so that no scoring or chipping of the material is formed.

Step 4

Find a level, clean place where the table will be set up. There should be free space around the table so as not to impede movement when playing. The approximate size of the playground is 5m by 7m.

Step 5

Install the trestles so that they are level and strictly horizontal. The distance between the posts should be such that the center of the tabletop sheet rests on each of them.

Step 6

Along the edges of the racks, lay two boards along the length of the tabletop and screw them to the goats with self-tapping screws. Lay the plywood sheets on this base, join them and screw them to the boards.

Step 7

Sand the tabletop thoroughly with sandpaper and cover with an antiseptic. Then cover the surface with paint and varnish. Now it remains to prepare the net, tennis balls, a pair of rackets and, during a fair fight, determine who will become the champion on the brand new court.