How To Get Into Rotation On The Radio

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How To Get Into Rotation On The Radio
How To Get Into Rotation On The Radio

Video: How To Get Into Rotation On The Radio

Video: How To Get Into Rotation On The Radio
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Getting into the rotation on the radio is the aspiration of almost any musician and singer. Because broadcasting their work on the air is a sure step to success. The more the composition sounds, the faster the performer is promoted, since millions of people listen to radio stations every day and, willingly or unwillingly, become fans of the music or song they like.

How to get into rotation on the radio
How to get into rotation on the radio


Step 1

To get into the radio rotation, you need to have a good producer. It is he who is the organizer of the artist's creative path. The producer knows what needs to be done in order for the song to sound on the air. In other words, it is the engine of your creativity. It defines the means and methods of your promotion in show business.

Step 2

They just don't take anyone on the air from the street. Even if you are very talented. Remember, radio is not looking for talented people. This is exactly what the producers and authors are doing (they take all the risk on themselves). It just promotes performers for a lot of money.

Step 3

Therefore, the second condition for your success is money. They increase your chances of getting into radio spots. But at the same time, it is important to competently promote yourself (by the way, these are usually dealt with by the producer). Otherwise, your money will be wasted.

Step 4

Every day on radio stations they play a lot of songs that people listen to at home, in cars, at work, and on a visit. But as soon as the composition stops playing on the air, the listener switches to another song or to his own problems. You must make sure that a potential fan has a desire to tell his friends, acquaintances, relatives about you. This is the essence of PR.

Step 5

You should know that you will not be accepted for any radio station. Your creativity has to fit into the format. For example, if you perform hip-hop and rnb, then you will not be accepted on Chanson radio.

Step 6

Also, each self-respecting radio station has its own additional requirements: file size and format, recording quality. And you have to put up with it and reckon with it if you want to sound on the radio.

Step 7

It is possible to get into rotation on the radio if you are a close relative (daughter, son) of an influential person or his wife. This will speed up your promotion process. Accordingly, you will have money, a competent producer who will promote you and make you famous.