How To Clean From Spoilage

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How To Clean From Spoilage
How To Clean From Spoilage

Video: How To Clean From Spoilage

Video: How To Clean From Spoilage
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If it seems to you that you have become a victim of corruption, the evil eye, or any other form of black magic, you need to take a number of steps to reduce this influence. However, it should be borne in mind that self-disposal of spoilage can become a rather difficult task.

How to clean the house

There are rituals and ceremonies that can remove or at least reduce the negative impact on you and your family. Such rituals will help cleanse both people and, for example, an apartment or house from the effects of damage.

If you are in no doubt about the use of black magic against your family or you, the first thing to do is to search the house, paying special attention to the beds and the threshold. If you find strange, unpleasant or simply unfamiliar objects, try not to touch them with your bare hands, collect them with a broom and a scoop in a separate bag. Damage is often induced with the help of special ritual things resembling tangled lumps of black thick threads, sometimes nails or pins, mostly rusty, can be used as such objects. All finds should be carried as far from your home as possible and burned, while the smoke should not get on you. During the destruction of objects, you need to read "Our Father", all the time while these things are burning. If you have forgotten things and unpleasant gifts in your house that cause you discomfort and anxiety, it is better to burn them too. Trust your intuition when choosing such items. If it seems to you that the spoilage has been put on your child, go through his toys and get rid of those that make you feel unwell.

Next steps

After getting rid of all the dubious things, decorate the house with dry mint and St. John's wort. These herbs help drive away evil thoughts and evil spirits from the threshold. You can stick a knife into the jamb above the front door, it will not help get rid of the damage already imposed, but it will drive away new negative influences. Sprinkle all the corners of the house with holy water, if there are mint and St. John's wort, hang them over all interior doors. Each time you pass under them, they will "cleanse" you a little.

Buy consecrated candles in the church, burn one at a time before going to bed for a week, having previously gone around the whole house with it. If it seems to you that damage has been directed at a specific person from your environment, every night walk around him three times clockwise with a candle. If possible, read Our Father before going to bed.

Keep in mind that getting rid of spoilage is not a quick process. Most likely, it will take several weeks, if not months. You can speed it up by simply adding positive emotions to your life - you can walk around your favorite places every day, chat with friends, spend more time with your family. Damage sticks to negativity, but does not "get along" well with a good mood.

If it seems to you that you cannot clean off the spoilage yourself, go to church, order a prayer service, or light a candle. If you are a believer, be sure to confess.