How To See Saturn In

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How To See Saturn In
How To See Saturn In

Video: How To See Saturn In

Video: How To See Saturn In
Video: EOTS: How to view Saturn through a small telescope (5/5-5/11) 2023, September

Saturn is one of the planets in our solar system. Its main difference from other stars is the so-called ring, consisting of many stones and meteorites. Saturn can be seen from Earth using certain equipment.

How to see Saturn
How to see Saturn


telescope, map of the starry sky


Step 1

In order to see Saturn, you do not need any special knowledge and skills. First, do your observation in the evening. During daylight hours, it is difficult to see something in the sky using ordinary "amateur" telescopes. To see Saturn in the sky, purchase a detailed astronomical map (or download it from any space site).

Step 2

Wait for a clear evening for 100% visibility. Find a place (observation point) from which the sky will be perfectly visible. In urban conditions, in this case, the roof of a multi-storey building is just what you need. You can also watch the stars from the ground. The main thing is that your view is not blocked by trees or any buildings.

Step 3

Set up the telescope. Fix its position as stable as possible and direct the "lens" to the sky. Examine the map carefully. The arrangement of the stars is somehow depicted there with an orientation to the cardinal points of our planet.

Step 4

Start your visual search for the planet Saturn from facing north. Find Venus in the sky - this is one of the brightest celestial bodies located 45 degrees from the Sun. Moreover, you can see this planet with the naked eye not only in the evening and night sky, but also at dawn. Not far from Venus are Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.

Step 5

Find Saturn with your gaze (it has a yellowish or white glow), and then direct the telescope to the point in the sky where you previously noticed the desired planet. If you do not have a very powerful telescope, then you will not be able to see Saturn in detail, but you will definitely see a cloud around the planet. These will be the famous rings of Saturn.

Step 6

If you have a more powerful telescope at your disposal, you can see all of Saturn's rings.