What Is A "letter Of Happiness"

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What Is A "letter Of Happiness"
What Is A "letter Of Happiness"

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Video: What Is A "letter Of Happiness"
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According to statistics, almost everyone has dealt with "letters of happiness". Some do not pay any attention to them, while others, on the contrary, strictly follow the instructions and do everything that is said in them.


The history of the "letters of happiness"

The history of "letters of happiness" is rooted in Ancient Egypt. There was a Book of the Dead, where the promise was kept - those who will be buried with this book will certainly be resurrected. In the Middle Ages, these letters were called "holy" letters. These were letters of a religious nature. They contained amulets prayers, teachings that had to be carried with you and spread among people. They were also called "heavenly letters".

What is the "letter of happiness" now?

The modern "letter of happiness" is sent primarily by email or social media. "Letter of Happiness" promises the recipient or his loved ones something (happiness, health, luck, money) in exchange for transferring it further. It is philosophical, mythical or instructive, sometimes it contains a parable. Most often, such letters are designed for schoolchildren and students, or rather, for their excessive gullibility and emotionality.

A "letter of happiness" can be disguised spam, which can also infect your computer with viruses.

The structure of the "letter of happiness"

Typically, a "letter of happiness" has the following structure:

- title;

- a legend or parable about the origin of writing;

- information about where the original letter is stored;

- proof of the supernatural power of the document;

- the requirement to forward the letter to a certain number of people;

- time limit;

- for sending a letter on time, promising good luck or punishment for ignoring the letter.

"Letters of Happiness" are always anonymous. They often contain the untruthfulness of the facts given. No one can know for sure how many times a letter has traveled around the world or where it is actually stored, if it actually exists.

Other types of "letters of happiness"

Sometimes "letters of happiness" go beyond just a game and fall under the category of "cheating". In addition to the main text, they contain a postscript that you need to transfer a few rubles on the specified account. Then you need to open your account and wait. After 5, 10, 30 days "you will be happy" in the amount of a certain amount of money.

There are letters with a request to post a certain message on the wall in friends' social networks. Depending on how many and what the answers will be, you can find out your destiny or something else.

There is also a type of letters asking for help. In such letters, most often it is told about a serious illness of a person (more often a child). The letter simply begs for help. Often these letters are not true. If you really want to help a sick person, then take the trouble to check his contact details, contact the hospital, etc.

Also, "letters of happiness" are sometimes figuratively called notifications sent by the Pension Fund about the accrual or recalculation of pensions, as well as letters with written fines for traffic violations.

Each person decides for himself whether to succumb to manipulation with the help of the "letter of happiness." It is better if you treat this as a game, fiction, not allowing yourself to be zombified.