How To Translate A Postal Order

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How To Translate A Postal Order
How To Translate A Postal Order

Video: How To Translate A Postal Order

Video: How To Translate A Postal Order
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There are post offices all over the place, so if you need to send a certain amount to someone, CyberMoney postal order is one of the most convenient solutions. You can send money not only to Russia, but also abroad. You can familiarize yourself with the list of countries to which you can send a postal order, and with the current tariffs for this service, on the official website of the Russian Post or at the nearest post office.

How to translate a postal order
How to translate a postal order


  • - Details of the recipient;
  • - own passport.


Step 1

Check with the recipient for their details. For individuals, this is the full name and postal address with a zip code. It is allowed to send a transfer on demand and to a post office box. To successfully send a transfer to a legal entity, you must find out: the exact name of the organization, its bank details (TIN, correspondent account, name and BIK of the bank, current account), postal address and actual address.

Step 2

Go to the nearest post office. In addition to money, take your passport or other identity document with you.

Step 3

Take the electronic transfer form (form 112ef) from the post office and fill out its front side in accordance with the sample clearly, legibly and without blots. The recipient will fill in the back of the form.

Step 4

Indicate the amount of the transfer in the upper line in numbers, and below, decipher it. Please write the full name of the recipient. Be sure to indicate the recipient's sweat index. You can clarify the index on the website of the Russian Post or at the post office employees.

Step 5

Write your details in detail: full name, home address, passport data - without this, the transfer will not be accepted from you. Indicate the purpose of the transfer. For example, "For personal needs" or "Loan repayment". Please sign.

Step 6

Please note that you can add a written message up to 70 characters long to the translation, as well as order home delivery of the translation. If you want to send a transfer with a confirmation of receipt, then fill in the notification form (f. 119).

Step 7

Give the completed form to the post office worker. Pay for the service in accordance with the current tariffs. Take your receipt and be sure to keep it until you are sure the money has arrived.