How To Identify A Fake Perfume

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How To Identify A Fake Perfume
How To Identify A Fake Perfume

Video: How To Identify A Fake Perfume

Video: How To Identify A Fake Perfume
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Perfume is in the arsenal of any woman, regardless of social status, age and external data. In addition, perfume is the most popular gift for name days, March 8 and other holidays. All this means that perfumes are always in demand. And demand generates, as you know, supply. Moreover, sometimes this offer comes from unscrupulous sellers. How to distinguish an original perfume from a fake of dubious quality?

How to identify a fake perfume
How to identify a fake perfume


Step 1

Be careful when choosing a perfume. Very often counterfeit perfumes are packaged in the same boxes and bottles as their noble French counterparts. How to distinguish a fake?

In the name of the product, one letter may "drop out" or be absent altogether (for example, instead of "Kenzo", the package may say "Genzo"). And to your objections and questions, the consultant has the right to object something like "Can't you see that this is a product of another company?"

Step 2

Consider packaging. There should be no dents or scuffs on the box. In addition, trusted manufacturers never pack expensive perfume in cheap cardboard and “cigarette” coarse cellophane with uneven seams.

The cardboard must be of high quality, the printing must be clear, and the thin cellophane must fit the box tightly. By the way, keep in mind that some companies do not pack all of their products in cellophane wrap. Exceptions include Hugo Boss Energise, Lacoste Hot Play, and the famous Davidoff Cool Water fragrance.

Step 3

Pay attention to the product name. If you see the word “parfume” on the box, this is a fake. French manufacturers will never end this word with the letter “e”.

Step 4

Check the barcode. For French manufacturers, it starts with a three (30-37), for British - 50, Italian - 80-83, Spanish - 84, German - 400-440. By the way, if the box has the inscription "Paris - London - New York", then this is a fake perfume. The country of origin must be clearly indicated: for example, “Made in France”.

Step 5

Examine the bottle carefully. You should be alerted by a dull glass, indistinct inscriptions on the bottle, a loose cap and a scrolling spray bottle.

Step 6

Each bottle has a serial number, which is located on the bottom of the bottle. Moreover, it is applied not to the sticker, but directly to the glass.

Step 7

Be sure to look closely at the color of the perfume. The fragrant liquid should be clear. Shades range from light golden to dark amber. Sometimes the manufacturer adds dyes to the product, and the perfume acquires delicate pinkish, bluish, lilac tones. But the original perfume cannot be bright blue or bright green.